Horizont d.o.o. Skopje


        The company Horizont d.o.o.Skopje was founded on April 19th 1990. It is 100 % private property of Mr. Igor Janevski, Mr.Goran Janevski and Mr.Blagoja Janevski. At this moment company has 14 employees.

        Main activity of the company is wholesale and retail distribution and trade with food products and raw materials/ingredients for bakery, pastry and meat processing. 

        Horizont is an exclusive representative and distributor of the following companies: Zito Ljubljana (www.zito.si), Eta Kamnik (www.eta-kamnik.si) and Emona BC Ljubljana (www.emona-bc.si) from Slovenia (food industry), Ireks Aroma Zagreb (www.ireks-aroma.hr) from Croatia (ingredients for bakery, pastry and meat processing), PEZ International Hungary (PEZ effervescent vitamine tablets) and PEZ International Austria (candies and dispensers) (www.pez.at).

        Horizont Skopje is placed in it's own business building in the industrial zone Vizbegovo (west part of Skopje), with 800 m2 warehouse and 300 m2 administration (offices).




Skilled staff:


Igor Janevski, General Manager and Owner

Born 1968, Bachelor of Business Administration

- 1990 - 1998: General Manager of Horizont Skopje.

- 1998 - 2005: Assistant general director of Kolinska Skopje. 


Goran Janevski, Sales/Marketing Manager and Owner

Born 1972, Graduated on the Faculty of Sport in Nis, Serbia.

FIFA licenced manager.


Blagoja Janevski, Business Consultant and Owner

Born 1947, Bachelor of Business Administration

- 1984 - 2005: General Director of Kolinska Skopje


Dean Volkanov, Manager for meat processing assortment of IREKS

Born 1971, Bachelor of Business Administration


Dragan Ivanov, Manager for bakery and pastry assortment of IREKS

Born 1972, Bachelor of Sport and Sport Management


Logistics and Distribution:


- 1 Volkswagen truck (3 t)

- 1 Ford Connect Transit (1 t)

- 3 Fiat Doblo

- 1 Subaru